About Us


Established in 1995, Linyi Shansong owns the integrated supply chain of making soy protein products. We are the leading professional NON-GMO SOY PROTEIN producer in China. During these years, we have been focusing on any available actions for stable, safe and effective soy protein deliveries to the global customers.

For over two decades, Shansong has been a leading supplier of soy protein to various industries all over the world. With a comprehensive product portfolio and supported by a high professional soy protein R&D team. We are able to position ourselves among the biggest food ingredients manufacturing and distribution company.


150,000 MT
Isolated Soy Protein

30,000 MT
Concentrated Soy Protein

20,000 MT
Textured Soy Protein

It has set up its business branches in Daqing city and Tsitsihar city, Heilongjiang Province, as well as representative offices in global markets.
At present, we are the global soy protein supplier in China with the export to over 90 countries since 2002.A customer-centric approach, sustainable development and flexible business arrangements are further advantage which Shansong can offer to its customers.


Our History

In 2004
Obtained HALAL certificate in August 2004

In 2005
Obtained HACCP certificate and NON-GMO identity (IP) certificate.

In 2006
Shansong participated in the formulation of the national standard GB / T 20371-2006 for Soy Protein for the Food Industry.

In 2007
It was recognized as a green food A-grade product by the China Green Food Development Center. Tiansong brand soybean oligosaccharides and Tineng brand soybean peptides were recommended by the National

In 2008
Certified by Kosher (KOSHER)

In 2008
Shansong participated in the formulation of the National Standard for Soy Oligosaccharides GB / T22491-2008 and the National Standard for Soy Peptide Powder GB / T22492-2008 to promote the rapid devel

In 2009
The company passed ISO9001: 2008 supervision and audit.

In 2009
The company passed ISO9001: 2008 supervision and audit.

In 2010
The Chinese Soy Food Society proposed to be a demonstration base for deep processing of soybeans in China.

In 2011
Shansong Biological Company was named "National Top Ten Health Product Demonstration Bases".

In 2011
Shansong Biological Company was named "National Top Ten Health Product Demonstration Bases".

In 2013
The company's low-temperature edible soybean meal obtained a production license, making it the second domestic enterprise to obtain a production license.

In 2014
Obtained BRC certificate.

In 2017
Approved by Sedex.

In 2020
Set up a new branch factory in Daqing with annual capacity of 10,000mt of soy protein isolate.

In 2021
Set up a new branch factory in Tsitsihar city with annual capacity of 25,000mt of soy protein isolate.

Our Culture

Core Value:
Innovation, efficiency, honesty
We treat our employees and all our partners with dignity and respect, making them proud to be part of our team.
Customer-oriented, committed to provide consumers with safe and healthy food and ingredients.
Conduct business in accordance with all applicable laws; undertake responsibilities to look after our community, our society, and our planet.


Mission and Vision:
Purpose: Make full use of advanced biotechnology, focus on deep processing of soybeans, and provide natural, nutritious and healthy food for human beings.
Vision: Strive to maintain the leading role as a raw material supplier in the global soy protein market. While entering the functional food market and becoming an influential brand.
Mission: Dedicated to meet people's growing demand for nutrition and health, strive to improve people's quality of life.