High Quality Non-GMO Soy Peptide

Short Description:

Soy Peptide is a new kind of functional food ingredients, extracted from high quality NON-GMO isolated soy protein and produced by the advanced biological technology. It can be directly and quickly absorbed by human body, and widely used in health food, beverage, high-protein foods, baked goods, candy, cakes, cold drinks and so on.

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Physical and Chemical Index


Peptides (dry basis %)




Protein (dry basis %)




Ash (%)


Moisture (%)


Fat (dry basis %)


Microbiological Index
Total plate count




Yeast & Moulds








Product Function

organizational structure and improve the intestinal absorption function

enhance the body's immune system

lower blood pressure

Regulation of lipid

To promote fat metabolism

Reduce fatigue after exercise


Packaging: packed in CIQ-inspected kraft bags lined with polyethylene bags.
Net Weight: 10kg/bag,or up to the buyer’s request.

Transportation and Storage

Keep away from rain or damp during transportation and storate,not load or store together with other smelly products, to be stored in a dry cool ventilated place at the temperature below 25℃ and relative humidity below 50%.
Shelf life: Best within12 Months under appropriate storage condition from the production date.

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